Greetings!  I'm a professional bassist living in Austin.  I have my undergraduate in music performance from the University of Northern Colorado.  I've been performing/teaching/studying with/for and often in front of real live actual people since 2002.  I can improvise, I can read music, I'm not half bad on a good day, I play both electric and upright bass, I charge less than Geddy Lee, my friends say I have pretty good hair, I show up on time, and I wanna be in your band.  A few groups I'm currently playing with: Bluesqueezebox, Jenifer Jackson, The Merles, Quiet Company, The Parish Festival, Julie Slim and Rendez Vous, Hot Club of Austin, The Dead Sea, The Elevation Quartet, and Rent Party, as well as filling in occasionally for folks like the Vintage 15 big band, the Abilene Philharmonic, the Central Texas Master Singers, Hora Once, Chase Gassaway, Elsa Cross, Hill Country Strings, the Austin Piazzolla Quintet, Kevin Ahart, Luke Hill and the Hot Pursuits, Will Taylor Strings Attached, Mundi, and other things when the phone rings.  If you're looking for a bassist, or a bass teacher, please drop me a line!  Thanks for stopping by.

(Thank you to Blake Ormand for donating this awesome cover photo.  He made me look cool.  And look at the D-string wigglin'.  That's fun.  Check out more of Blake's stuff at